Engage Beyond

Engage Beyond is our Intensive Outpatient Program for teens struggling with the symptoms of Substance Abuse in addition to Anxiety and/or Depression. Participating in group therapy, onsite drug testing and family therapy, our teens get the most comprehensive outpatient experience available. With a program designed for not just the teen but the family as a whole, Engage Beyond integrates evidence-based treatment with an experiential and process-oriented approach.


Often, teens report that therapy provides an opportunity to feel heard and understood by their peers, allowing them to open up to solutions and change. The hardest part of becoming sober can be applying the skills learned in therapy into real life circumstances. Our social enrichment activities give our teens an opportunity to “practice” the relapse prevention and distress tolerance skills they are learning in group sessions, while participating in activities that feel more similar to their “real life.” So whether they become triggered to want to use while hiking, or become angry during a game of miniature golf, our therapists are right there to coach them through it. Our team’s supportive feedback provides acknowledgement for participants when they utilize the skills they are learning effectively, while also helping them to identify new solutions when the first attempt was not successful. The Engage Beyond program offers groups focused on relapse prevention, self-esteem, healthy coping skills, communication, mindfulness, art therapy, and a variety of inspirational guest speakers. Our team has found that this combination of group therapy and social enrichment activities is the best way for our participants to practice their new skills in a way that feels safe and also fun!



Having a sense of “community” contributes to teen resilence. Our team works hard to collaborate with your teens current suppports, such as teachers, counselors, doctors, coaches, healthy friends, and anyone else you feel would be supportive to your teens new goals. We know that it takes a village, and no matter how big or small your teens community of support is right now, we will help to build them a quality team of allies within your community.


Each of our teens participates in Family Therapy. It is often important that everyone in the family works towards improving communication and managing daily stressors. Our team supports each family on understanding the diagnosis and behaviors of the teen enrolled. We work hard to help family members to understand how they can support the teen enrolled and while also focusing on their own self care. The parents of our teen participants are strongly encouraged to attend our weekly parent support group, where they gain valuable tools to support and respond to their teen in more effective ways.

Teen Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to get help is an important decision. Our team is dedicated to supporting your teen and family in determining what type of therapy will best meet your needs. Our Intake Coordinator will meet with you and your family to work with you to determine whether what level of care would best meet your family’s current needs. Our team offers Individual Therapy, two Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs; Engage Me and Engage Beyond, one Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program; Engage Thrive and a full Day Program; Engage Renew.

Individual therapy is typically the first level of care our team provides. Often, when teens act out behaviorally it is usually their way of expressing that something is wrong with them or their family. Teens can often have difficulty making sense of and expressing their emotions. A change in academic performance, anger, withdrawal or somatic complaints can be a cry for help. If there is not a safety concern, individual therapy is often the best first step. However, if your teen engages in self-injurious behavior, begins to socially isolate themselves, is no longer interested in things they used to enjoy, expresses frequent self-criticism, or inaccurately perceives that others are criticizing them, this may be reason to consider more than individual therapy. This decision should be considered with the support of the teen’s current and regular therapist. If your teenager is not seeing a therapist, we offer a free intake assessment to determine the appropriate level of care.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide a short term increased level of support in order to help your teen more quickly develop the skills necessary to establish more safe and healthy behaviors. Individuals currently may have a significant disruption in school behaviors, academic performance, possible drug use or self-harm behaviors, and may be safety concerns for the individual. A client who is a best fit for IOP is typically able to be challenged by the therapeutic process without concern for unsafe behaviors or the use of drugs and alcohol being used to cope. Teens participate in this program three days a week for three hours each day. We have three different Intensive Outpatient Programs; see Our Programs page for more information. Often, an individual in our IOP has been to individual therapy in the past but it has not provided enough therapeutic intervention and support to see significant change, or the individuals symptoms have progressed and they need additional support to provide safe treatment. Individuals participating in this program are strongly encouraged to continue individual therapy in conjunction with the program since a client’s individual therapist will be a longer term relationship verses our program which is designed to be more short term. Our team will work to coordinate your teens & young adults care to make sure they are getting the best treatment available and can transition them back to individual therapy as soon as possible.

As out of network providers we work with most PPO and HMO plans for our Intensive Outpatient Programs. These services are typically covered by insurance plans and vary in the level of coverage provided for treatment. Please contact our main office to discuss how we can support you in getting the best coverage possible.

Youth Enrolled in the Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program typically work on building skills in the following areas:

  • Social withdraw
  • Blaming others for his or her own feelings
  • Extreme moods
  • Rejection of previously held values
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Change in peer group

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