Engage Thrive

Engage Thrive, is our Intensive Outpatient Program for young adults struggling with managing the symptoms of Anxiety and/or Depression. Participating in group therapy, family therapy, community activities, and job coaching when needed, our participants get the most comprehensive outpatient experience available. Transportation to program and homework support are also available.


Often, participants report an increase in difficulty managing their symptoms of depression and anxiety during the transition to adulthood. Whether you are taking on new responsibilities, leaving the home for the first time, or taking on a stressful job, our program can help you learn to manage your mental health through these transitions. Participants report that therapy provides an opportunity to feel heard and understood by their peers, allowing them to open up to solutions and make positive changes. Young adults participating often share that the most challenging part of improving their symptoms is consistency in use of the skills learned in therapy in real life circumstances. Clients share that the combination of group therapy and social enrichment activities give them an opportunity to “test out” the skills they are learning, building their confidence to use them with their family and friends. “Getting better” can be really tough, sometimes it means ending relationships in our lives that have become unhealthy or looking at a friend's bothersome encouragement to get out of the house with a different perspective. Our goal is to help surround each participant with long term supportive friends and professionals that will support the clients new healthy story.


Having a sense of “community” contributes to resiliency. Our team works hard to collaborate with your current supports, such as professors, co-workers, doctors, nutritionists, healthy friends, and anyone else you feel would be supportive to your new goals. We know that it takes a village, and no matter how big or small your community of support is right now, we will help you to build a quality team of allies within your community.


Each of our young adults participates in Family Therapy. It is often important that everyone in the family works towards improving communication and managing daily stressors. The parents of our participants are strongly encouraged to attend our weekly parent support group, where they gain valuable tools to support and respond to their young adult in more effective ways.

Young Adults Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Engage Thrive is for young adults, ages 18-24, who may feel that individual therapy alone is not meeting all of their therapeutic needs and their mental health has continued to be a barrier to meeting their academic goals, professional goals, or life skills development. Engage Thrive is a short term program designed to work alongside traditional individual therapy. The goal is to support the young adult in gaining insight into their current challenges and learn the skills necessary to overcome these barriers.All of our Engage Thrive clients are encouraged to continue their individual therapy in addition to their program schedule for best support and progress.

Our typical Engage Thrive client is struggling with managing the demands of their current life. Often times, this struggle includes managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or another mood disorder. Clients frequently report challenges with academics and/or difficulty obtaining employment and desired independence. Many of our young adults have support from their family and may, or may not, be living at home.

Engage Thrive is covered by most PPO and HMO plans. Insurance plans vary in the level of coverage provided for treatment. Please contact our main office to discuss how we can support you in getting the best coverage possible.

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