Youth Movement: DREAM big, even if your dream is made out of paper.

by Engage Treatment Programs
Posted on February 18, 2015

Sometime around October 2012, there was a huge Social Media buzz about a young boy’s arcade located in his dad’s auto parts store in East Los Angeles.It was reposted millions of times and generated a wide spread frenzy.Cain Monroy in 2011 spent his summer vacation created a cardboard arcade extravaganza that was equipped with ticket stubs, 500 card turn passes, and prizes.Cain Monroy was visited by Nirvan Mullick, a customer who dropped by to make a purchase for a door handle for his car decided to play Caine’s Arcade and ask questions. In the video the Dad speaks about how Nirvan was Caine’s first customer and from there Nirvan (being a film maker) decided to create a media frenzy surprising Caine at the same time.

Caine’s father was very supported of his son in what he created and was also supported of Nirvan’s offer in creating the flash mob. Once the campaign started initially the money they had raised was for Caine’s college fund, surpassed the proposed amount. From this Caine’s arcade crew and took it a step further from what was a movie to a movement:

“Launched from the overwhelming global response to the short film, “Caine’s Arcade,” the Imagination Foundation was founded to find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in children around the world to raise a new generation of innovators and problem solvers who have the tools they need to build the world they imagine.”

In its 3rd Annual Global Cardboard Challenge came from a little boy with a dream.So we all can dream big, even if our dream is written in paper. No one can stop us if we apply and work hard to what we love doing




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