Brooke Saul
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Group Therapist

Brooke is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who strives to support teenagers and young adults in overcoming anxiety and depression related to life transitions, adjustment to family, or interpersonal stressors, and is experienced in grief and trauma. Over the past several years, Brooke has worked within Engage’s IOP and PHP programs to assist teens and young adults in reaching their goals and shifting self-perceptions to reduce shame and heighten self-worth. Prior to her work at Engage, Brooke spent four years working with teenage girls in the foster care system who have been significantly impacted by severe trauma, emotional and behavioral issues, and substance abuse, in order to support their abilities to develop a positive self-identity and emotion regulation skills. She also spent a year providing therapy within a middle school setting to students struggling with a range of mental health challenges and academic difficulties to aid in improved self-esteem and abilities to manage emotional stress. Her therapeutic style includes a strength-oriented approach to support her clients and their families in overcoming adversity, as well as developing greater motivation, gratitude, resilience, acceptance, and self-actualization. Brooke enjoys spending her free time with friends and family, exploring new places, staying physically active, and implementing progressive tools to remain mindful and grateful.