Gurpreet Sahan
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Lead Group Therapist

Gurpreet is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with Engage Treatment Programs. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2013 and Master of Science in Counseling Psychology in 2015 both from California Lutheran University. Prior to joining the Engage team, Gurpreet has provided counseling within Ventura County schools as an individual and group therapist for at-risk adolescents and at California Lutheran University’s Community Counseling Services as an individual, couple, and family therapist. Gurpreet’s passion within the field revolves around supporting the lifelong development of purpose and wellness within those he works with. Through understanding one’s history, current context, and motivations for the future, Gurpreet encourages clients to employ their personal strengths as a means to ending pain, increasing hope and resiliency, and constructing a bright future. In addition to Engage Treatment Programs, Gurpreet also works as a Behaviorist practicing Applied Behavior Analysis with individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, provides counseling for school-age youth within Ventura County, and works as an individual and family therapist within California Lutheran University’s Intimate-Partner Violence Program. In his personal time, Gurpreet enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and playing sports.