Jenny Reznick
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Parent Mentor

Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She maintains a private practice here at Engage where she works with individuals, families, and couples. Additionally, Jenny provides family therapy for clients participating in Engage’s Intensive Outpatient Programs, and co-facilitates the parent support group on Tuesday evenings at Engage. In her private practice, Jenny works with children, teenagers, and adults, helping them to work through various mental health issues, developmental challenges, and important life transitions. Jenny works diligently to assist her clients in overcoming their struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, and self- harming behaviors. She helps her clients improve self-esteem, manage challenging emotions, and build effective coping, communication, and socialization skills. Jenny encourages clients to identify and utilize their strengths, and aids them in identifying the tools they need to make healthy choices, reach personal goals, and thrive in their daily lives. Jenny absolutely enjoys the privilege of accompanying her clients on their individual journeys of healing and self-discovery. In her work with families, Jenny supports all family members as they learn new techniques to address and resolve conflict, improve communication, develop strategies to solve problems, build empathy and understanding, acknowledge and accept strengths and differences, and create stability and connectedness at home. Jenny wholeheartedly believes that with a willingness to learn and grow, and a commitment to self-care, her clients can overcome challenges, find balance, and live the lives they are meant to live.