Pam Ness
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Manager of Clinical Care Coordination & Training

Pam is an LCSW who has been with Engage since 2016, supporting families in getting the treatment that they need, and providing clinical guidance and mentoring to the treatment team. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Over the past twenty years Pam has worked extensively within both community mental health and medical settings with children, teens, and adults. A specialty interest within her private practice work is supporting individuals who are living with acute or chronic medical conditions, as well as those who are living with or caring for someone who is ill. Finding balance or our “new normal” while managing significant medical symptoms and the demands of procedures and treatments can feel even more challenging and isolating without proper support. Pam draws on a depth of experience in supporting and enhancing one’s ability to manage pain, fatigue, and side effects; learn to advocate for oneself or a loved one with their medical team; hold hope for continued healing; and implement needed accommodations and supports to make the demands of daily life more manageable. She considers it an honor and a privilege to create a safe and supportive space with her clients as they navigate their current path in life. In her free time, Pam enjoys time with her husband and two teens, cheering for their beloved (World Series Champions!) Chicago Cubs.