Our Therapy Philosophy

We are helpers.

We work in the service of the community. We support each other, lift each other up and embrace the act of truly engaging.

We are always asking questions: How can I best serve? How can I support this family? How can I help this patient heal? How can I better myself?

We are committed to caring. We are committed to connecting. We are committed to healing.
We embrace every patient as they are, right now. We foster authenticity and vulnerability through conversation. We create space for our clients to explore their emotions, learn, and grow.

We commit, every day, to contribute to our community. We want to build a stronger, more supportive, and better-educated community. We do that through empathy, integrity, courage, and generosity.

We are all on the same path, we are all equals and we are driven to help others. Our healing philosophy is built on the idea that children will make the most improvement when they have a strong sense of belonging. When our clients find that place of grace and empathy, they no longer have to worry about “fitting in”. They don’t have to worry about being “fixed”. They are not broken. This freedom and empowerment allow for deeper connections, bigger changes, and greater healing.

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