Engage Beyond is an adolescent outpatient customized care plan just for you. Changing unhealthy patterns in your life can be tough to do on your own, and sometimes what you need doesn’t fit into a traditional treatment model. If this feels familiar, a customized care plan may be a great option for you.

How does Engage Beyond work?

First, our team meets with you to learn about what challenges you are currently seeking support for, and gain an understanding of the role of alcohol and/or drug use plays in those challenges. We spend time learning about who you are, what you’re wanting out of life, and the support you are needing to get there. Next, our team will work with you to create your customized plan of supports within the therapeutic and community setting. Supports are intended to not only help you meet your goals, but to maintain them over time. If you feel like a customized plan that takes into consideration your strengths, your challenges, and what you personally want in your life, Engage Beyond may be for you.


To find out if our customized plan is right for you, call 805.497.0605 for a complimentary first session with our Outpatient Case Coordinator Colin Keller.

Colin Keller
Case Coordinator

“Our goal is to not only plant seeds, but to create a space in which change and transformation can begin occurring in real-time. From process groups that explore the underlying roots of an addiction, to social skills building activities that bring the community to the client, our approach is holistically-minded and grounded in evidence-based research”

 Our goal in Engage Beyond is not only to teach our clients the skills to prevent and reduce the chances of relapse, but also how to live sober again and have fun! At Engage, we encourage our clients to create a positive sober support system and stronger connection to the community.