Luke Dziemidok, AMFT
Case Coordinator

Luke earned his M.S. in Counseling with emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy
from California State University, Northridge. Originally coming from Poland, he left his
home country and all the securities associated with it to pursue a life-changing career in

Working with children and adolescents was Luke’s first real job in the mental health field.
For two years, he worked extensively on improving daily lives of kids on the Autism spectrum as a
Behavioral Interventionist utilizing ABA treatment. During his graduate MFT
program he started an 18-month internship working as a individual and group psychotherapist with a variety of
populations, raging from children to elder adults. Luke’s clients
presented with a broad spectrum of challenges, some struggling with debilitating traumas, some
dealing with depression and anxieties stemming from life pressures like addiction, family,
life transitions, and others. Luke work diligently at forging humanistic and collaborative
relationships with his clients, implementing other postmodern strength-focused
approaches, together with the reliability of systemic approaches and benefits of
Cognitive Behavioral Treatments,=.

Luke is a big proponent of mindfulness-based and other effective and enjoyable healthy
coping skills, working with clients to develop a tool-box of such, and to assists them in
finding and embracing their voice and meaning. His own go-to self-care piece has
always been revolving around physical activities such as running, biking, skiing or
snowboarding, and being very passionate about motorsport, which he follows and
participates in. Having a background in acting he also enjoys world cinema,
documentaries, good read, and on the other front participating in a satisfying and
tangible hobby of car collecting which includes wrenching on his project cars from the
70s and 80s.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #125054 supervised by Megan Stevens LMFT