Mona Vartanian
Education Specialist

Mona has coached disciplines such as Linguistics, Mathematics, Sciences, Computer Skills, Literature, and History at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Moreover, she taught advanced placement, collegiate & graduate levels. Her array of teaching and learning experiences are not limited to homeschool students but also to students in brick and mortar schools, community colleges and universities. Throughout her experience as an educator in public and private school and in her private practice, Mona noted a trend, in that, each student is unique in his ability to process, understand and retain new concepts. Equipped with an M.S. in Education, a LearningSuccess™ Coach and Workshop Facilitator Certification, a Lindamood Bell Reading Program, a Handwriting and Typing Certification along with her 35 years of teaching experience, Mona felt that she finally acquired all the tools to, “open the door for all my students to succeed, explore, and learn.” Mona enjoys working with all age groups. She encourages and celebrates her students, young and adult. She nurtures their unique abilities by customizing courses to fit their personal needs and bring out their creativity by developing their talents. When tailoring each course to each of her students, she maximizes the learning experience and minimizes the effects of academic and personal limitations. In her free time, Mona is a wonderful wife and proud mother of two sons. She enjoys baking, leisurely reading, walking her three dogs, listening to international music, dancing and mostly traveling.