Terry Carroll
CATC1, Parent Mentor

Terry is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor with CAADE and CCAP. Terry works with individuals, couples, and families who are navigating substance use and addiction.  She believes that everyone is unique and treatment should be shaped to meet individual needs. Recovery, she understands,   looks different for everyone and is possible for all. Terry has knowledge of several different paths of recovery, including but not limited to; the 12 steps, Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, Buddhist recovery, and SOS. With a motivational approach, Terry holds space and allows others to find their way back to their best selves. As the lead EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist, she has been facilitating addiction groups with Stand InBalance for over 10 years and facilitating the weekly parent support groups at Engage Therapy for over 5 years.  She’s a firm believer that learning what we have control over and what we need to let go of will help set us free.  She remains dedicated to helping clients whose lives are affected by mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction. Terry’s areas of interest include spending time with horses, traveling, baking, reading, and focusing on her own personal growth. She also loves spending time with her five children, close friends, and many animals.

“Holding space means that we are willing to walk alongside of another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them or trying to impact the outcome”- Helen Plett