Each of us has been raised in group environments whether through families, school, organized activities or work. These are the environments in which we grow and develop as human beings. Group therapy proves to be a place where you come together with others to share problems or concerns, to better understand your own situation, and to learn from each other.

Our approach is to provide support and feedback to help our clients experience relief from their current symptoms while also gaining insight into underlying causes. Our focus is to help clients understand that they have choices when managing their daily life and achieving their goals. We help clients to recognize these choices and engage in developing healthy coping mechanisms. Each of our clinicians has a specific area of therapeutic concentration. All of our practitioners use an integrated variety of empathetic methods and evidence-based therapeutic techniques personalized for each client.

In our commitment to providing the highest quality treatment we take a collaborative approach to ensure that clients benefit from our collective experience. When appropriate, we consult with our clients’ physicians, school counselors, psychiatrists, or dieticians to make sure that all individuals involved in a case are working together to promote integrative wellness.