Engage Treatment Program operates Intensive Outpatient Programs treating depression and anxiety in adolescents (13 to 17 years old) and young adults (18-25 years old). Our programs can be appropriate when individual counseling alone does not provide enough therapeutic intervention and support to see significant change. Our programs are designed to immediately bolster critical support in the short term, and help improve outcomes in the long term. From peer engagement through group therapy, social enrichment activities, and family therapy, participants get the most comprehensive outpatient experience available.

Engage Psychological Services, Inc. brings together and supports a highly qualified collection of clinicians in their independent private practices. Clinicians with practices at Engage Psychological Services offer a diverse variety of services such as: individual therapy, family therapy, marriage and couples counseling, child therapy, qEEG neurofeedback, and neuropsychological evaluation.

Although it is not uncommon that Engage Treatment Program, Inc. and Engage Psychological Services, Inc. refer to and consult with one another, Engage Treatment Program. Inc. and Engage Psychological Services, Inc. are separate and independent practices. Engage Treatment Program, Inc. is owned and operated by Adelina Brisbois, LMFT and Engage Psychological Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Samantha Tamburro, PsyD and Trevor Reynolds, LMFT