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engage treatment

Engage Treatment is built on connection, commitment, and compassion.

First and foremost, we are helpers. We provide a safe, reliable, and authentic experience for children, teens, young adults, and their families to get the support and care they need when they’re struggling.

We believe that it is our role to help lift the weight of the work that comes with depression and anxiety, so our clients can feel relief, be vulnerable and discover the incredible things that happen when they engage fully. At Engage Treatment, we embrace our commitments – to care, to help in any capacity we are able, and to improve every day. We are proud of our collaborative and growing community. We are honored to use our experience and expertise to help others.

Engage Treatment is a Joint Commission Accredited professional psychological practice. We serve children, teens, and young adults struggling with depression and anxiety through a combination of therapeutic practices and community-focused treatment plans.

 What do we mean when we say community?

Preteen IOP

(Ages 10-12)

We help middle school aged pre-adolescents connect with their feelings, discover that they are not the only ones struggling, and guide them on how to use therapeutic tools for a more authentic, healthier life.

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Teen IOP

(Ages 13-17)

With a heavy focus on group work, we help teens dive into their emotions, develop a shared language with their parents and learn how to express themselves in a way that benefits them long term.

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Young Adult IOP

(Ages 18-25)

Through discussion, sharing, and emotional exploration we help young adults feel safe and supported as they grow and build on their life skills, and develop important bonds with their peers.

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The Engage Approach.

We are committed to caring. We are committed to connecting. We are committed to healing.
We embrace every patient as they are, right now. We foster authenticity and vulnerability through conversation.

At Engage Treatment, our only job is to serve and support. We empower our clients to connect with their peers, to accept each other and themselves. We respect differences and nurture connections. We embrace acceptance, empowerment, and progress. We engage.

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