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Dear Parents Considering Engage,


I am the mother of five amazing, beautiful children. Their father and I brought them all up in the same town, with the same rules, morals and expectations. Yet, they are all different in their own way - even my set of twins, especially because one of them suffers from both mental health issues and substance abuse.

Keeping it a family secret led to us pulling away from friends, neighbors and extended family. We were afraid they would judge our parenting and our child.

When I went to my first support group, it felt so awkward to hear others talking freely and even laughing about the difficult situations they were having with their child or children, but I soon learned it was a safe, confidential place to get support from others who understood. I didn’t always relate to every share and sometimes I found myself feeling like I was not getting anything out of it. But when I would skip a meeting, I would start to feel isolated again. At the Engage parent support group, we uphold the safety and confidentiality we found so important and comforting. We are here to commiserate with and uplift each other. By attending weekly you will soon find you are not alone, that there is hope, and you can have joy and laughter in your lives again.

Sincerely, Engage Parent Group Facilitator